Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yay, did a few paintings today and yesterday. BUT SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW. It's irritating how I decide to be productive during the last few days of break,.   >.>

Forgot this... 1 hr study of a car engine. Didnt even finish.I will never make fun of car engineers again. Ref used :

Final version. Hopefully. :D

Tried out a new method of colouring things and was just having fun layering stuff. First time drawing straight in PS and not a sketch...    :D   It's meant to look messy/abstract-ish.  Constructive crit is always welcome.


Called "Broke My Face" aka a portrait for those theme things. It's doneeeee.
 Supposed to be skin peeling off an android.

Now to face school tomorrow.  >^<

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