Monday, July 25, 2011

Somehow it turned out like this

Well, all I can say is, I've only been doing ref painting, which does absolutely nothing for my imaginary skills.

 Colour study. Ended up looking like something out of GOW... need to learn how to add more detail to paintings.  I think it's too aggressive in some areas.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Italy ... 2011

Well, here they are, the few presentable pages of my wonderful summer dream. I WILL  RETURN SOMEDAY - with better painting skills hopefully- I've realised how atrocious mine are during this trip.  Sketchbooks were of different sizes and the smaller ones were sooo much fun to draw in!  Will definitely think about getting those in the future- I find that they help me think about space better.

A small sample of how many sugar packets I consumed along with coffee..... the sugar packaging grew into a small collection.   :D

More food packaging...  cioccolates! 

Some inks/watercolours that we had to do during the trip - honestly I regretted buying that Bristol paper, hated the texture and lack of grip. My nonsense pad of old watercolour paper would be better.  /: Plus it was too big to work with - basically not enough time to capture everything I wanted. fail

 Bought the long watercolour sketchbooks for Vencie - but didn't paint as much as I'd hoped too.  The most magical thing would honestly be the interlocking waterways and bridges, the whole city on the sea bit.... other than that I felt that the tourist attractions were overrated compared to Florence. It spoilt me so. One example being gelato.  Sighhh. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Short and late.

Between entertaining far away relatives, major project and personal visitation plans, I realise I hardly have any time for self improvement, which is not my goal for this summer. /: I know I said I'll post the sketches from the Italy trip, but I've decided to do it after the project due date.

Realised the stuff I've been doing are studies from pictures to increase understanding? Re-painting after a long while is always a struggle.....

wishes for money to buy Raphael Lacoste's new workshop  ):

There's a serious backlog of books that I need to read.  >: