Monday, March 28, 2011

FALALALALLA.  Holy schmooley, I seriously do not  know what is wrong with my brain. It refuses to shut down and results in me pretty much not sleeping.  Case in point, slept at 8am on Saturday and woke up at 5pm on Sunday, and then when I wanted to go to sleep at 1am, my brain was nooking until 4.      .______.

And, why do naps that you take on accident always feel better than the ones you plan out?  Gah. I need a nice sofa to nap on. Super excited for the calendar project because it's personal stuff.. will be trying to make it epic and possibly professional usage in the future.

So anyway, while trying to get my brain to sleep was doing these small studies of watercolour in digital.... totally copied and not original in any shape, value and form.They're all pretty short in terms of time spent.

Winter sky, Tilling

Was trying to do the form of the cliffs with colour and what not...   Didnt like this one very much.
Welsh cliffs, Chaplin

 Torteval, Jersey

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