Thursday, March 17, 2011

Horrendously tiring day.  Came back around 54 mins ago and my brain feels like pudding. Even though class started at 3pm today (YEH) and I had around 10 hours of sleep, which a wayyy more than my usual standards, I still woke up with a bloody headache.  The fact that my shoulders are sore from doing that self caricature doesnt help at all.   I feel that I do not have time to do more art for myself which is extremely disappointing.  Makes me feel like I'm headed onto the Isle of Nowhere. 
Agg, now I still have to shower and go sleep.    >^<''

On another random note, attending events for Japan ONLINE doesn't do a damn thing for them. You know this, unless you happen to be sorely stupid and/or misguided.

Better quality picture of self caricature.  Broke my shoulders doing this. HATE SELF PORTRAITS. If you care to donate money to help me obtain an actual IV, please let me know. 

Stamp assignment: Famous Canadian Personality, chose Lester B Pearson which is the only other famous historical Canadian I know.. other than Jean Trudeau. :D
 It ended up looking slightly different from my rubbish sketch.


 Final postcard design.  In case no one has a clue, it's of the Suez canal crisis in which Britain, France and Israel planned to invade Egypt after its PM decided to nationalise the canal and expect others to pay tolls. LBP won the 1957 Nobel Peace prize for resolving this.

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