Monday, March 28, 2011

FALALALALLA.  Holy schmooley, I seriously do not  know what is wrong with my brain. It refuses to shut down and results in me pretty much not sleeping.  Case in point, slept at 8am on Saturday and woke up at 5pm on Sunday, and then when I wanted to go to sleep at 1am, my brain was nooking until 4.      .______.

And, why do naps that you take on accident always feel better than the ones you plan out?  Gah. I need a nice sofa to nap on. Super excited for the calendar project because it's personal stuff.. will be trying to make it epic and possibly professional usage in the future.

So anyway, while trying to get my brain to sleep was doing these small studies of watercolour in digital.... totally copied and not original in any shape, value and form.They're all pretty short in terms of time spent.

Winter sky, Tilling

Was trying to do the form of the cliffs with colour and what not...   Didnt like this one very much.
Welsh cliffs, Chaplin

 Torteval, Jersey

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I REALLY should be doing my psych essay, but oh well. 8D

 Some practice drawings for this part of life drawing class, using mixed media. It's most definitely challenging; been thinking and trying how and which media to mix and what not.  I find myself super dependent on under drawings/gestures, been trying to manage without conte/charcoal/drawing implement... not much success yet.  :/

Critz  are always welcome.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Horrendously tiring day.  Came back around 54 mins ago and my brain feels like pudding. Even though class started at 3pm today (YEH) and I had around 10 hours of sleep, which a wayyy more than my usual standards, I still woke up with a bloody headache.  The fact that my shoulders are sore from doing that self caricature doesnt help at all.   I feel that I do not have time to do more art for myself which is extremely disappointing.  Makes me feel like I'm headed onto the Isle of Nowhere. 
Agg, now I still have to shower and go sleep.    >^<''

On another random note, attending events for Japan ONLINE doesn't do a damn thing for them. You know this, unless you happen to be sorely stupid and/or misguided.

Better quality picture of self caricature.  Broke my shoulders doing this. HATE SELF PORTRAITS. If you care to donate money to help me obtain an actual IV, please let me know. 

Stamp assignment: Famous Canadian Personality, chose Lester B Pearson which is the only other famous historical Canadian I know.. other than Jean Trudeau. :D
 It ended up looking slightly different from my rubbish sketch.


 Final postcard design.  In case no one has a clue, it's of the Suez canal crisis in which Britain, France and Israel planned to invade Egypt after its PM decided to nationalise the canal and expect others to pay tolls. LBP won the 1957 Nobel Peace prize for resolving this.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yay, did a few paintings today and yesterday. BUT SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW. It's irritating how I decide to be productive during the last few days of break,.   >.>

Forgot this... 1 hr study of a car engine. Didnt even finish.I will never make fun of car engineers again. Ref used :

Final version. Hopefully. :D

Tried out a new method of colouring things and was just having fun layering stuff. First time drawing straight in PS and not a sketch...    :D   It's meant to look messy/abstract-ish.  Constructive crit is always welcome.


Called "Broke My Face" aka a portrait for those theme things. It's doneeeee.
 Supposed to be skin peeling off an android.

Now to face school tomorrow.  >^<

Saturday, March 5, 2011

This reading week is a lie. A LIE.  All of my days just flew away     .____.

Good news is that my flux box is pretty much finished.. I only have to redo the instructions and maybe paint the box because I'm using a tea box.

On the other hand, I feel that I didnt do any personal things, so here's me trying to finish a stackload of paintings which includes this one below,  mechanical parts, a portrait, and another landscape which I've left since summer. >.>

From Melvin's theme thing, which was 742349 years ago. Aggggg.