Thursday, May 3, 2012

sort of hiatus?

Haven't been posting things, but I guess I will upload the end of term stuff that I did before going on a self induced learning break. So there aren't going to be as much uploads as before.  Man I really dislike living at home. There is just no sense of personal space/studio that I can do work all day in.  So I'm actually heading to the library instead of staying at home. If it wasn't for the part time job... I'd say that I'd still be in Oakville. :C

Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend! Woot.

Also extremely frustrated about the hiking tuition cost for no damn apparent reason. It's higher than animation's, but we get half of the resources, or even less. ( an estimation).  Please send emails to the student president/deans/mps to whatever parties you can if you fellow students do not want to pay this extremely unreasonable cost.

half hour warm ups, studies from mag

This week's theme. I still need to finish detailing it ugggggg, but it's good enough for the theme.

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