Saturday, November 26, 2011

some school related work and other things

..... I think everybody knows that I'm sorely disappointed with the choice of program we were made to render with. I'm pretty sure no one uses this in industry. NO ONE. /dontevenknowwhyimpostingthis

30 minute study of le hand , which looked much better than my other, 2.5 hr struggle of a painting.

Final versions of skull/limb comparisons. Bones are always fun to draw!
Will upload my RWF stuff after I find them. Challenge was definitely trying to balance "realistic rendering" and clarity.

On a side note, discovered that Toronto Star Sunday is having a 3 part series about condos with awesome pullout illustrations.

If you didnt buy the paper, here's the link to the digital one.

Should really try and upload more non school things. /:

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