Friday, September 30, 2011

Timeline time!

Last week attended Toronto's book and magazine festival. I must say, it was amazing because we amassed a mighty haul.

School is getting crazier, attempting to balance own work and school stuff.  Currently failing.  It's been a month, but feels like a single week compressed together.  Most of the projects I'm doing now are all... technical exercises, to use a pun.  After watching how awesome people's stuff I really feel the need to do more. MORE.   Time to buy a planner... and update every week.   
Pics below are of life and anatomy. I'm sure you can tell?  

Random quickie I actually did.  Still trying to nail mood down and values are too even. What sucks is that my intuos 4 pen is not compatible with the cintiques at school. Damn Futureshop and their old stock.

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