Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last update before the trip~

Sigh.  Living at home is really different, I'm bound to everyone else's schedules instead of my own. And then there's the emptiness of things when school ended. Plus sleeping schedules are messed up, parents insit that sleeping at 1 am is unhealthy and I get yelled at. >.>  I do have projects that I want to get started on, but they have to wait until..... the Italy trip!
Haha, looking forward to it! This shall be the highlight of my summer as I am not planning to travelling anywhere else once 2nd year starts.  I shall cross my fingers, get inspired and hopefully draw a crapload of things.

So., one last drawing/ doodle before I leave.


  1. you're going on the italy trip?!

  2. Yeah, decided to keep it quiet. Eyeopener + a reboot/influx of ideas. :D