Sunday, April 3, 2011



Flavour text:   Many have tried to cross Agmundr's pass, none succeed.

Crits welcome as usual.

Ugh, I want to roll over a ditch and die.   I love digital, but this amount and speed of work pace is killing my left shoulder. Plus, because I brought this upon myself, I have to make sure the rest of the images are rendered to this extent.

Along with other problems, just found out that the friend me and another roomie were going to rent with has decided to move back with her parents, so this means that I have to find someone else. Moving closer is good, but all this moving/finding people is such a pain. Plus, rent money = diu, as the apts are all charging for electricity now. Sigh. Now I need to think about finding someone whom we both are ok with, and thinking about how to tell my parents(again). I can either stay here and find two other people, or find another one for that side. This bloody chi bai stack of homework isn't helping. Diu.

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